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It is the thirtieth century, and Earth is no longer the only world that humans call home. These colonies are not all filled with hope and the promise of a new beginning, however.


Every alien species that humanity has encountered has proven hostile, and humans now view the stars with apprehension, not hope.


As yet another war breaks out, the escape of a traitor will set a misfit squad of soldiers on the path to uncovering a conspiracy going back to the beginning of the galaxy.

Humanity’s war with one alien race uncovers a plot by another, far deadlier, enemy…
eBook Available In The Alpha Sanction Store Here.

All Work © 2017 Josh Gottlieb
Edited by K.G.
Cover Art by Cindy Besio


As someone who always loved to read stories, it was only a matter of time before Joshua Gottlieb decided to write his own. After graduating from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Creative Writing, he began work on Alpha Sanction, the first in a trilogy of science-fiction novels set in the far future. He lives in California, where he spends his time writing, or on various activities of geekery with friends and family.


Alpha Sanction is Addictive. Epic. The sense of wonder and intrigue only grows with every question answered.

Brian Coles



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